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The Josie Harrison Mental Health Champion Award

The Highest Mental Health Award

The Naturelle WellEarth (NWE) recognizes exceptional ADVOCATES, MENTAL HEALTH WORKERS, ORGANIZATIONS, and FAMILY MEMBERS, with THE JOSIE HARRISON MENTAL HEALTH CHAMPION award given during our Annual NATURELLE CHARITY GALA in July. This AWARD honors EXCEPTIONAL individuals or organizations making a difference in the mental health field, particularly in awareness and prevention and early intervention. The general public may nominate individuals and organizations for this AWARD. Self-nominations are accepted. The winner will be announced in July, ahead of an awards ceremony held at Naturelle's Annual Charity Gala. 

Naturelle WellEarth Foundation's (NWE) highest award is given in honor of Josie Harrison, community leader, mental health advocate, co-founder, and Chief Financial Officer of Naturelle WellEarth Foundation. The Josie Harrison Award will be presented annually to an individual or organization that has made significant mental health and/or substance abuse services that best reflect the five pillars set by NWE and in the prevention and mental health care efforts to improve conditions for and attitudes toward people with mental illnesses.

To be eligible for the Josie Harrison Mental Health Champion Award, the nominee must be or have been an advocate of mental health and/or substance use disorder. Nominees must achieve the following criteria:

  • NWE Five Pillars: The individual must embody and aspire to exemplify mental wellness, mentorship, positivity, well-being, and healthy pro-aging, 

  • Community Impact: The individual has made or is making significant contributions to the community by improving the lives of people with mental illnesses, substance use, or co-occurring disorders. The impact can also be on the lives of caregivers and families of those with mental illnesses.

  • Ambassadorship and Leadership: The individual has demonstrated the ability to advocate, inspire and effectively educate the public, families, and the community about mental health, mental illnesses, substance use, or co-occurring disorders.

  • Service: The individual is a visible community servant and recognizable leader at the community, state, and/or national level in their specialized field or through his or her personal efforts.

  • Bravery: The individual has demonstrated their commitment to advocacy despite potential risks to career, finances, and public acceptance. 

For nominations, please get in touch with Dr. Arlene Strugar, CEO of NWE, (503) 974-6593,

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